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Religious Poems


The religous poems and reflections on the role of religion in the world and daily life found in To The Hard Roof of  The Universe  delve deeply into basic existential questions of being.  They stir debate and intellectual discourse as they walk softly into the troubled world of faith and belief.

From Genesis Revisited


In eons past, when time was not

When roiling waters boiling hot

Seared with shores its steaming breath

And fouled the air with stench of death............

From  The Cleansing


From his vantage point

High on the hill

He watched the storm roll in.....................

From Do You Care


Do you care what I call you, Lord?

Does it really matter to you

Does my mode of address

Determine success

And ensure all my prayers come true......................


From The Man


I often wonder "Isn't it strange,

On Sundays Christians go 

And offer prayers to Jesus christ,

A man they do not know".

A man whose every outflung limb

In agony bore a spike

And yet, they only smile and shrug,

When asked, "What was he like?".........



From The Seeker


My Lord, My God

My Father, My Friend

My light in the darkness

My song without end..................


These  poems of philosophy and religion can be enjoyed in their entirety along with other poems for persons interested in expanding consciousness whilst paying tribute to ideals both new and old.   A belief in God or a Supreme Being is questioned within Khan's poetry, the result of a diverse Caribbean upbringing wherein religion, order and value was accepted and respected but not to the exclusion of keeping an open, questioning mind about God and religious dogma.


Persons on faith will appreciate the complex layers of philosophical thought expressed in these religious poems which make an ideal starting point for sermons or book club discussions.


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