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Poems dealing with Loss and Grief


So many of us are faced with what to say when dealing with the loss and grief associated with a loved one.  The heartfelt words of the poetry of Nafis Khan, are a tribute to those who have passed over before us.   These reflections and meditations on death, whether expected or unexpected, help to calm the turbulent emotions and bring peace and comfort to family members and friends.  In To The Hard Roof of  The Universe  Caribbean poet  and philosopher Nafis Khan, examines the reality of death and what it means to us within the context of our lives and loves. 


Whether you have suffered a catastrophic loss as seen after September 11, 2001, pain and anguish addressed in Khan's poem entitled The Letter 9/12, the day after this event, or whether you are facing the loss of a soul mate due to illness or other reason, Khan's words of wisdom are a balm to the soul offering a way forward within the morass of grief.

From The Traveler


...........At every stage our life must change

At every age, from known to strange

And bravely must we take that leap

And leave that which we cannot keep...........


From  The Top


How could I know, or even guess,

That life would spin, just like a top,

A whilring dervish, flashing bright,

Mocking the shadows f the night,

Then suddenly teetering to a stop......................

From The Letter 9/12


.....I heard the news last night at five

Your plane had crashed , no one survived

And here I sit and watch the sun

My life's end has just begun..........


From Confidence


... And had you not been there,

I may never have gotten to

Where I am today

But continued on my way

In a life of condident stumbling.......................


Grief and loss associated with death is an intensely personal experience.  Nafis Khan, Caribbean poet and philospher, is able through his simple yet brilliant poetry, touch the chords and strings hidden within.  Through his poems of loss and grief, one is comforted and consoled within the search of the meaning of life.    His poems transcend religous barriers and dogma to provide comfort in a time of turmoil and grief.   The sample verses from the poems above, and others not mentioned, may be found in the profound book of poetry and meditations, "To The Hard Roof of The Universe"  by Nafis Khan.



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