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Through eons past I've known your name

Millennia through, you've been the same,

Seen prophets come and heroes go,

Watched kingdoms fall and empires grow.

Yet memory has no moment known,

When you and I have faced alone,

The prospect of a life apart,

A severed soul, a rendered heart.


Sons and sisters, family, friends,

Through centuries our journey wends,

Souls entwined through many lives,

Familiar pathways, lovers, wives.

Different eras, different ways,

Like roving players, different plays,

Until at last, we choose to be

At one, for all eternity.

To The Hard Roof of The Universe


A 50 year exploration on the meaning of love, life, spirituality and religion has culminated in this visionary book of reflective meditations and poems.     In To The Hard Roof of The Universe, Nafis Khan’s eloquent wisdom and evocative poetry speaks to the soul of those seeking to explore why we exist, how we deal with love, pain, joy and grief, in essence the very expression and miracle of life.


The poetry and sentiments expressed are open to multiple levels of interpretation which both inspire and uplift the spirit, whilst at the same time defying conventional thinking.     Khan has been able to seamlessly merge the beliefs, faiths and spirituality of Eastern and Western thought, in so doing, creating reflections on the mysteries of life that both inspire and provoke.


This book invites a questioning, discerning public to slow down from the frantic pace of daily life and instead plunge into a world where love is celebrated in poems that the reader can readily identify with. Manifestations of faith and devotion, indeed questions about our very reason for existing, are explored in poetry that uplifts and inspires and dares the intrepid spirit to conquer fear.    The meditations, spiritual reflections and love poems in this book, are inter-woven with photographs that remind one of a world of solitude and peace, a world undefiled by the hand of man. They invite you to not hurry, but instead, stop and withdraw from the cares of the world as you contemplate the wisdom found in the simple, brilliant poetry that speaks to the body and soul.


It is a book that explores passion, love and the conflicts of different faiths as seen from one who is a true son of the Caribbean. Born of a Protestant mother, a Muslim father and a heritage that is a melting pot of Indian, White, Black, Hispanic and AmerIndian, Nafis Khan delves into the crisis of identity inherent in any belief structure. Whether daring to question the very creation of life as seen in “Genesis Revisited” or the traditions and customs of diverse religious orders with “ Do You Care”, this humble poet dares to shine a light on the need for one to “Go Within or You Go Without.”

Meditations and Reflections on life and love


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